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About Sazeh Novin Tabriz

About Sazeh Novin Tabriz

Sazeh Novin Tabriz Company is established by Electrical Engineering professors and graduates of Tabriz Azad University in 2004. Dr. Nasser Kasraei is the general director of the company. Thanks to the long lasting perseverance of every single member, company keeps on proceeding day by day while it has more than 120 qualified members now.
The major fields of the company are consulting and enforcing of power distribution designs, consulting and enforcing of industrial production lines start up design, L.V and M.V board, security and safety modern systems.
Below you can find some projects which sazeh novin Tabriz is participated in:

- Railway Electrification of Tabriz-Azarshahr
- Railway Electrification of Tehran-Mashhad
- Power transmission of Roshdieh town phase I and II
- Power transmission of Payab Khodafarin dam
- Power transmission of Sahand residence

Besides producing H-type concrete poles, the company manufactures different types of wires and conductors.
Several types of conductors manufactured by Sazeh Novin Tabriz Company are:

- ABC: Arial Bounded cable
- CC-ACSR: Covered Conductor-Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
- NAYY: Norm Type Aluminium Conductors PVC insulation PVC sheath

Several types of ACSR wires manufactured by Sazeh Novin Tabriz Company are:

- Lynx
- Wolf
- Hyena
- Mink
- Fox

The company is maintaining our acceleration ahead which will appear in future products and services as well.