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The basic activities of Sazeh Novin Company

basic activities

The basic activities of Sazeh Novin Company divided in 6 parts:

1- designing, consulting and performing power projects  
2- designing, consulting and performing starting projects and automation of industrial production lines
3- designing, consulting and piping operation (industrial piping)
4- designing, consulting and performing new security systems and data transfer systems
5- Electrification Tabriz-Azarshahr railway train  
6- Consulting and presenting operative designs in the field of audit and optimization of energy usage

1- Designing, consulting and performing power projects:

The company with its experienced personnel and equipments and essential tools, finished successfully lots of projects in the field of consulting, designing and performing power network and now by receipt verification from Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company having gradation from management and planning organization in the field of power is one of the operative companies in this connection.

Performing potentiality of staff in the field of designing and performing power projects are as follows:

- management and recognition primary design of construction of medium & low voltage transmission lines
- completion electrical calculation of distribution and transference
- completion mechanical calculation and preparing liner plan and profiles of lines
- construction air lines and land wiring 20 kV and 380 V (medium & low voltage)
- Installation and performing Earthing system
- Installation and commissioning transmission transformations
- designing, manufacture, install and commissioning medium & low voltage distribution boards
- calculation, designing and performing power posts and home switch equipment activity

Performed projects in the field of power distribution

A-20 KV power distribution of "Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab"
B-20KV power distribution of "Shahid Salimi Industrial district" to "Eslami Island"
C-Installation of 2 power stations for "Dorpad industry group"
D-"Andisheh" district power distribution
E-Planning and consulting of power distribution of "Millad-e-Marand"
F:Planning and consulting of power distribution of "Gol-e-Narges residential complex" including 20 floors, 7 residential towers
G-construction power network of Iran Khodro Tabriz Company
H-construction and installation and commissioning 20 kV transmission posts of" Azerbaijan steel factors industry"
I-construction passage and private post and connected cables of pumpage "Elgoli station"
J-power to agricultural holes in "Torkamanchay of Miyaneh"

2-Designing, consulting and performing starting projects of production lines and industrial automation

- designing and performing industrial light centers systems
- installing and commissioning Power Planet
- designing, manufacture and install power, control and capacitor bank boards
- to fault, repair and restoration industrial machinery
- consulting, designing and programming and performing control systems and monitoring factories with "HMI & PLC"
- production, install and starting Field Instrument of production lines
- subtle tools
- steel factors
- piping

Performed projects in the field of industry

A- installation, commission and operation of "Beam Company of Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab"
B- installation and commission power equipment of Galvanize pipe line of "Dorpod Tabriz factory"
C- installation project and commissioning power equipment of heat kiln of "Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab"
D- designing, installation and commissioning all electronic parts of Aluminum melting kiln plants keeping kilns, normalization kilns, sprinkle graphite and automatic bathtubs of "Jahan Khodro Elgodarz Company" and "Sepahan piston"
E- design, production and commissioning electrical boards of veterinary collage and central library of "Tabriz Azad University"
F- designing and performing control system and subtle tools and monitoring of roll mile line of "Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab"
G- designing, performing control system and instrumentation of heat kiln and monitoring "Araz Shimi Jolfa complex"

3-designing, consulting and performing piping activity (industrial piping)

Piping operation or industrial piping is used largely in a place like filtration, refinery… that need to transfer molten. This company with having equipment and experienced staff in above connection could finish piping activity of production roll mile line 2 of "Foolad-e-Shahin Bona in rolling method.      

Performed activity in the field of piping

A- performing industrial piping activity related to closed and opened circuit water lines and pressured air and hydraulic circuits  
B- installing and commissioning industrial filtration equipment and water system  
C- commission filtration and compressor system line 1 of "Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab"
D-fulfillment activity about fit up, support, welding
E- to flowing and performing fire fighting system line 2 of "Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab"

4- New security systems (closed circuit) and data transfer systems

The Sazeh Novin, technical-industrial Company having free active unit in the field of designing and commissioning security systems and WAN&LAN network that up to now successes to do following projects:

1- designing, installing and commissioning data transfer lines of industrial group factories, "Dorpod Tabriz", that with use of data telecommunication   lines of 5 center ("Dorpod Tabriz", "Foolad-e- Shahin Bonab", "Yagoot sanat", head office in Tabriz and Tehran office of relative company) connected to each other
2- designing, installing and commissioning closed circuit system of Foolad-e-Shahin Bonab" "
3- designing, installing and commissioning closed circuit system of "Shirin vatan factory"  
4- designing, installing and commissioning closed circuit system of Center studies of "Sepah North West"
5- designing, installing and commissioning closed circuit system of "Dorpod factory" and relative offices
6- designing, installing and commissioning internal network of "Dorpod factory" via photo-fiber lines
7- designing, installing and commissioning LAN network offices of "Dorpod Tabriz group factories"

5- Electrofication of Tabriz-Azarshahr railway train

Tabriz-Azarshahr railway road identification:

Project length: 46 km
Contractor: Russia Railway Company

Iranian co-worker: "Sazeh Novin Company"    
Rapidity of plan: 140 km/h
Upper network voltage 25 kW

Particulars and results of performing project:

Period of performing project: 9 months in case of EPC
Electrification of railway
No need to production traction post by use of Tabriz railway electric post
Use of present electronic locomotive
Similarity of mechanical equipments of present electronic line and so low cost to repair and support
Planning to electrification up to "Marageh"
Possibility to link "Urmieh" via middle bridge of "Urmieh Lake"
Introduction of expanding electrification Tehran-Tabriz road
To be up to date technique plan
To forecast buying rail bus for this road
The possibility to increase the number of train after establish new line of Tabriz-Miyaneh

6-Auditing and optimization of power energy

With attention to increase energy usage, limitation of natural sources and movement in direction of stable development must to prevent.
The activity of this part of company, is presenting theoretical and application services in industries and producing factories and industry foundation in case of topical and general and also in non-expense, low-expense and middle-expense and high-expense ways.     

The services of this part divided as follows:

1- Topical and general examination of methods of usage in various industries
2- presenting theoretical ways for decrease consumption and increase random system
3- managing services of energy usage involving:
   1.3. Presenting ways for access to operation much with low expense  
   2.3. Utilizing useful method for reason of guarantee of power energy with the best expense
   3.3. Improvement the potentiality coefficient
   4.3. Decrease the rate of energy usage of factory
   5.3. Presenting ways for enjoyment of discount in price of Diamond and energy
   6.3. Use of special software in the field of optimization energy usage
   7.3. Extraction of line usage

The importance of performing these methods and presenting above services could be regarded in some cases:

1- decrease expense of factories and industrial units
2- decrease the energy usage
3- decrease the environmental pollution

Auditing electrical energy in different units of consumption:

1- auditing electrical motors
2- auditing compressors
3- examination the quality of potentiality
4- examination the way of operation of light system
5- auditing energy in fan and pump